Ludo Pro

Ludo (from Latin: "I play") is a simplified variant of the indian game Pachisi. It is similar to the board games Tock and Sorry!. The intend of the game is to move all tokens from the starting area to the target fields in the middle of the board.
The game can be played from 2 up to 4 players (human or CPU players). The players dice clockwise. The first player can be defined in the setup menu. Unused colors can be switched off in the setup menu. The name of each player can also be set up here.

If there are remaining tokens at the starting area and a 6 has been diced, one of these tokens will be placed on the startfield of the current color. After a 6 has been diced the player is allowed to dice and move a token once more, otherwise the next player continues. A player having more than one active token on the board can choose one to move. If a player moves a token to a field containing a token of an opponent, the opponent's token will be removed and send back to the starting area.

Ludo Pro supports two different game modes:

1.) Simple Game Mode:
The target fields of all active tokens are calculated and highlighted in dependency of the diced value. The player taps on one of the highlighted fields to move the corresponding token to that field.

2.) Free Game Mode:
After rolling the dice one token can be moved to any field on the board by touching and moving it. The token may only be placed on common fields and fields of the same color. The other players have to check if the move is correct.

- Board game for 2 up to 4 players
- CPU players can be configured
- Intuitive user interface
- Very simple rules
- Simple Game Mode
- Free Game Mode
- Realistic dice sounds
- Adjustable background color
- Game progress and settings are being saved
- Animated token movement

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